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One of the biggest inconveniences for the Laundromat customer is the amount of coins needed to operate the equipment. Now, all of that can be eliminated with the use of the Easy Card electronic system. The Easy Card computerized system uses a small magnetic striped “debit” type card instead of coins. By using the Easy Card System, a store owner is capable of keeping a watchful eye on his investment. At Western Equipment, tracking the day’s business is just a click away. By using Easy Card Software, the owner is capable of per forming functions and changing parameters of the store’s computer from their home or office. Any of the operational functions normally performed in the store such as price changes and accessing current running totals, can now be performed anywhere. Log files from the store computer can be created into over 200 reports which can be used for management purposes, allowing you to track the progress of all locations without setting a foot in the store.

Also available from Western Equipment is the integration of a digital video surveillance system. Available as an upgrade to the Easy Card System, store owners have the ability to see what’s happening in their store via live video through a PC connection.