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Service Laundry Machinery
  Western Equipment can partner with you to provide the following services to get your coin or OPL laundry started or to the optimal level:
  • Provide and/or interpret demographics for possible locations & participate and assist in site preparation
  • Assist or manage store or laundry room design and construction, including such considerations as decorating, furniture, lighting, equipment layout, proper sizing of utilities, makeup air requirements, accessory equipment requirements, vending options, amusements, parking, etc.
  • Select and install proper Dexter Laundry equipment and any other laundry room accessories
  • Provide proven ideas for marketing
  • Provide future warranty protection and economical service
  • Supply Dexter and other vendor parts at nominal pricing
  • Trouble shoot existing design and operational problems
  • Provide lease or financing help through Dexter Financial
  • Demonstrate and implement technical upgrades through automation of laundry systems through computerization, palm pilot technology, and utilization of a card system
  • Prove how equipment selection can greatly reduce labor and utility costs
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